Perez could have been a great lawyer but instead he is a court-appointed attorney like his long-time friend Merolla. He is without passion and ideals. He could have been a great man of the law but fear got in his way. He is a man who has always considered mediocrity as an effective “shelter from unhappiness.” But this costs him his life when danger creeps into his house. He breaks all the rules as he desperately tries to protect the life of his daughter who is in love with the devious Corvino. And every law. This includes making pacts with a self-confessed serial killer and recovering diamonds from the belly of a bull.


2015 – Italian Movie Award (festival)

“Vitruviano D’Argento” Award (Edoardo De Angelis)
“Vitruviano D’Argento” Award (Marco D’Amore)

2015 – Ischia Film Festival (festival)

Castello Aragonese Award Best Director (Edoardo De Angelis)

2015 – Globi d’Oro (concorso)

Best Actor (Luca Zingaretti)

2015 – Nastri d’Argento (concorso)

Guglielmo Biraghi Award (Simona Tabasco)
Hamilton Behind the Camera Award (Luca Zingaretti)

2015 – Sudestival – Sguardi di Cinema Italiano (concorso)

Santa Teresa Resort Award Best Actor/Actress (Luca Zingaretti)

2014 – Capri Hollywood (festival)

Capri Noir Award (Edoardo De Angelis)
Carmelo Rocca Award-Producer of the future (Pierpaolo Verga)

2014 – Galà del Cinema e della Fiction Campania (festival)

Best Movie Actress (Simona Tabasco)

2015 – Trailers Film Fest (festival)

Best Flyer

2015 – Globi d’Oro (festival)

Best Actor (Luca Zingaretti)
Best Cinematography (Ferran Paredes Rubio)
Best Music (Riccardo Ceres)

2015 – Nastri d’Argento (festival)

Best Actor in a Leading Role (Luca Zingaretti)
Best Topic (Edoardo De Angelis)
Best Topic (Filippo Gravino)
Best Sound in Direct Recording (Vincenzo Urselli)

2015 – Premio “La Pellicola d’Oro” (festival)

Best Visual Effects Specialist (Silvano Scasseddu)

2014 – Trailers Film Fest (festival)


D’Autore – Incontri d’Autore con l’Autore D’Autore – Incontri d’Autore con l’Autore Festival du Film Italien de Villerupt
Social World Film Festival
Atlanta Italian Film Festival
Detroit Italian Film Festival
Incontri del Cinema
Sofia International Film Festival
Minneapolis/St. Paul International Film Festival Rencontres du Cinéma Italien à Toulouse
Bella Basilicata Film Festival
Miami Italian Film Festival
Nuovo Cinema Italiano Film Festival Charleston San Diego Italian Film Festival
Lavazza Italian Film Festival
Italian Movie Award
Festival del Cinema Mediterraneo “Verso Sud” Ischia Film Festival
Ischia Global Film & Music Fest
Notte Bianca del Cinema Italiano
Salento Finibus Terrae
ICFF Italian Contemporary Film Festival
L’Isola del Cinema
BIF&ST – Bari International Film&Tv Festival Expo Gate Milano
Venezia a Zagabria
Sudestival – Sguardi di Cinema Italiano Capri Hollywood
Corti Vivi Film Fest
Ventana Sur
Teniamoli d’Occhio
Galà del Cinema e della Fiction Campania
Riusciranno i Nostri Eroi. I Nuovi Autori del Cinema Italiano Venezia a Napoli: Il Cinema Esteso
Da Venezia a Roma
Mostra Internazionale d’Arte Cinematografica di Venezia I Giovedì del Kursaal